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Dangirl Extrordinaire

While I was disheartened to hear my favorite show has come to an end, I’m glad that Dan Vs ended with (what I consider) a flawless three seasons. The quality of writing and the acting was consistently impressive the entire time and left me genuinely laughing each episode. This cartoon had such clever writing and bizarre scenarios, I really applaud the effort everyone put into this program. c,=

While I do feel the show is horribly underrated and under-watched, I’d much rather the show end too early than to be ran into the dirt as some shows I’ve enjoyed in the past had been. =c Perhaps in reruns (and hopefully) additional dvd sales, the Dandom can grow even stronger.

Though the show was short-lived, my appreciation for it will never dissipate. Thanks for bringing such an awesome show into our lives, Dan Vs staff. c,= 

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